Thursday, September 30, 2010


Most anniversaries are intentional. You plan a wedding, you get married and, voila, a year later you have yourself an anniversary. This past year as I reflected back on the events that led to my treatment for prostate cancer I found myself re-tracking each milestone: the day of my diagnosis, the day I left the comforts of my home and headed to Southern California to begin my treatment, and today which marks the anniversary of when my treatment actually began. This, however, falls into the camp of unintentional. Significant events in your life leave a lasting impression. Some you would rather not remember while there are others that are worthy of achieving anniversary status. Without a doubt, proton treatment for my prostate cancer at Loma Linda University Medical Center falls into the latter.

There are many others I have met along the way who have similar stories. We are blessed to live in an era where this type of treatment is available with such favorable results. Not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. So without further fanfare I wish myself a happy proton anniversary.